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Includes a budgeting tool that maps needs against resources and provides a rational and defensible basis for resource allocation

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SecureWatch is a Physical Security Assessment Solution

Designed by security professionals, for security professionals.

SecureWatch automates the survey, data collection, analysis and reporting processes for
on-sitephysical security risk assessments using the Threat/Vulnerability Matrix methodology.

A Physical Security Threat Assessment Solution
By Security Professionals, For Security Professionals

SecureWatch provides a real-time database of threats in partnership with CapIndex for NorthAmerica and with Jane's for worldwide locations to analyze political, socialand asymmetric risk factors that affect key assets, supply chains and personnel in country.

SecureWatch: Mobile Application
Provides Security 24/7

SecureWatch is a multi-device, web-based application that can be used across a complete range of browsers and operating systems, including Android, Windows, IOS. As a web-based system, SecureWatch can be used by anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.